John-Jefferson loves WEST SIDE STORY

Dear readers, I have just watched this movie and I thought it would be a good idea to talk about it to you, guys. West Side Story is a musical. It first came out in the 80s, but the version I have just watched was released in 2020 and was produced by Steven Spielberg.

The story is about a love story between a boy and a girl that are members of rival gangs : the Jets being White Americans and the Sharks being Puerto-Ricans.

In my opinion, it is really different and cannot be compared to any of the movies coming out these days. The story might be a little too common for a love story, and it looks like essentially inspired by the story of Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare ; However, the realisation, the music, the choreographies and the acting are purely perfect. Even if the movie is 2h30 long, it felt like it lasted 30 mn and you never feel bored or annoyed.

I highly recommend you to watch, dear readers, this cinematographic masterpiece.

John- Jefferson DUVAL, 1ere spécialité LLCE lit anglaise.


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