Journal d’Irlande 7 : Facebook and others education class

       Hi everybody ! I hope you all really enjoyed your holidays this week! I was at school but I had a nice time. Monday was quite normal. We had a sexual education class in the afternoon where we discussed consent and sexual abuse. I had the holiday blues in the morning as well, but I got over it… The most wonderful day was Tuesday. We went to Dublin for the day. We took the bus at 6am (that was a bit early but it’s far away). We stopped half way through the journey to eat breakfast. I don’t remember the exact time but I think we arrived around 11 : 30am. On the bus, we all listened to music (a girl brought a sound link), we sang and laughed. Once we arrived, we visited the Facebook building. They gave us a pass and we sat in a room where we participated in a work shop. Two women who are part of the company explained to us that the I.T. area needs more women because many people think that this area is mainly for men and that you need to be a geek. A lot of people think that working in this area involves being alone with a computer in the corner of a room. There are a lot of stereotypes that they are trying to break. They told their own stories. One of them was from another country. It was actually really impressive because they didn’t study I.T. in college.  . One of them did a PHD in Chemistry in U.C.D. and the other one did Accounting and Management if I remember correctly.… We were all really surprised because we couldn’t find any link between their studies and the I.T. [Information Technology] area but apparently there’s one and/ or many. Then we watched videos and talked about new technologies. We expressed our feelings concerning the future and the evolution to a digital world. The information in the video and the information they were giving us, numbers, statistics,… were a bit scary.  It’s moving really fast! We were asking and answering questions. They told us all the advantages of working in a company like Facebook.  It seems really cool. You travel a lot, free food, ice cream, meals every day, you can play pool, video games, Lego, draw and look up ideas in a special room, they have a gym where they can do yoga, … They seem to be  dream jobs but I think it’s hard work so that’s why they have all of these advantages. After the workshop we visited the building which was huge and we saw all of it with our own eyes.  The woman who gave us the tour of the building was also from another country. We left  Facebook around 1 :30pm. Then the bus drove us to « Dundrum », the biggest shopping centre in Ireland. We only had two and a half hours and we all wished we had more time but it was still really cool. On Thursday, we did first aid. We learned how to deal with someone who has a heart attack, a stroke, who shocks, the questions to ask when someone asks for help, the answers to give when you are calling for help, the difference between a heart attack and a cardiac arrest. We also talked about the dangers of taking drugs and drinking too much alcohol.

See you next week! Enjoy going back to school! Take care!

Xx  Calypso


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