Journal d’Irlande 6 : Calypso fait de la figuration…

Hi everybody! I hope you enjoyed your holidays this week.  I only had one week off and it was quite calm.

On Saturday I went to Ennis with two Irish girls. We went to see a movie and did some shopping. On Sunday I went to a friend’s house to watch a movie. Then on Monday, I went to Ennis again. On Tuesday I went to the swimming pool in Ennistymon with some Spanish friends. There are a lot of, Spanish students here and they are really friendly. On Wednesday, I just stayed at home and I relaxed. Thursday was my favourite day. I went to Lisdoonvarna to be an extra in a film! We did three scenes. The first one and the second one were outside. It was freezing and they make us do it a lot of times until they got the perfect take but it was fun ! For the third one, we started outside and then we walked inside. It was like as if we were going to school. Before starting a scene they yelled : « back on action ! » and then whispered : « Action ». I saw a real clapboard.  All the staff was so nice to us. We ate our breakfast and our lunch in a big bus with tables and chairs. There was a big food truck next to it where we ordered our meals. It was truly impressive to see how much time it takes to film one single scene and how many people you need to film it. There were a lot of big cameras, microphones, exactly as we can see them on TV. People were in charge of the makeup, the sound,… That was a dream come true!  For the second scene, I was with a group of girls and we were the nearest group to the action!  I hope I’ll be able to see the film,…. it will only be on Irish channels. A girl from the staff told me it’ll be on in May so maybe I’ll get the chance to see it. Sorry, we weren’t allowed to take pictures during the filming so I don’t have any… As usual, every Thursday I go to the Ennistymon youth club. It’s a place for teenagers where we can talk, hang out and do activities together. On Friday, I went to the youth club disco. I got ready at a friend’s house. On Saturday I went to Limerick. It’s a beautiful city with a lot of red brick houses.  I went to the main shopping centre “The Crescent”.   On Sunday I stayed at home.

See you next week! Take care!




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