Journal d’Irlande 5 : flowers and scones

       Calypso poursuit sa découverte intense de la scolarité irlandaise. Elle nous propose en exclusivité sa recette des scones. A vos fourneaux !! 

   Hi everybody ! I hope you had a great week and a great Valentine’s day. Mine was fine. On Monday, I started two new projects in maths and french. In TY we don’t have a lot of homeworks but we do have a lot of different projects to hand in. The maths one is about women in maths and the french one, I do it in the english version, is about my presentaion. In computer class, since I’m in TY, we are using Gmetrix. It’s an app to help us improving our powerpoint, excel and word skills. It’s really interesting. On Monday afternoon, we had an « education » class. It was about teenagers, drugs, alcohol and sexual education.  On Tuesday, in PE class, we did rock climbing in Lahinch. As you can see on the pictures, we had fun. I will see if I can go there sometimes by myself. It was the first time I was doing that and it was really cool ! We also received a good news… A new serie is filmed in Lisdoonvarna next Thursday and they need extras from our group of age. That’s so exciting ! I gave them the forms and I will go there. On Wednesday, for my work experience, I finished the back side window and I also prepared some roses for Valentine’s day. I cut flowers and cellophanes. I also did two bouquets but it was for a funeral… Less fun… I delivered them to the church after.  Yhursday was a random school day. Then on Friday morning, with my class, we did fundraiser for the Irish heart association. Then we did home economics and we baked delicious scones. Again, I sent you the recipe ; enjoy ! After school, I went to the florist shop for an hour because of Valentine’s day rush.  On Saturday I went to see a movie with irish friends and I did shopping. On Sunday, I went to a friend house. Next week, I have the week off for midd term. That will be nice.

See you next week ! Enjoy your first week of holidays…

Take care. Bye !




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