Journal d’Irlande 3 : Calypso is very busy (et fait de la poésie) !

Hi guys ! Did you have a nice week ? I hope so !

I had a very small week ! Work shops on Monday and Friday, a day off on Tuesday, AILO on Thursday and work experience on Wednesday…

Let’s make things look a bit more clear for you guys…  on Monday I had a work shop which isn’t like a normal class, it’s a big activity during the day and we talk a lot in purpose of learning about ourselves and talking about our well being. It was during all the day but I didn’t see everything because I went home early …  I caught a head cold so I was really sick those days 😷😴😥 .. Anyways, at the beginning of this work shop we had a card of one imaginary western place and we needed to go in a gold mine to get the most money we could get before other teams…  we had limited supplies and different ways to go there…  I found it really interesting but really hard to understand everything 😅. On Wednesday, for my work experience in the florist shop, I started to decorate the front side window for Valentine’s Day…  I didn’t finish it yet and I also need to do the back side window so you can see the final pictures next week !! On Thursday I passed the AILO exams ! AILO is the stand for « All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad ». It’s a linguistic exams with dead languages or rare languages…  it was quite hard because you need to write verbs and sentences in a language you never saw before, just using your logical. But I had fun ! On Friday we had another workshop about poetry. That was so cool and the guy was really funny !! I posted two poems on a special Irish website called « Inspireland » !  He helped me to find appropriate vocabulary for my first poem which is about France. On Sunday  I went to the Cliffs of Moher with my host family! It was really windy and rainy but it stills absolutely gorgeous ! People from all around the world are coming to see them ! You can see the pictures under the text !

See you next week ! I wish you the very best for this week !!

Take care ! Bye ! Calypso


My poem :


 « I grew up in the place

 where my childhood memories unfurled.

Where my heart is rooted

 to the ground where my family and my friends are.

 The town where I live.

 The place where I am never alone.

 Where I want to be.

 My country.

My home. »


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