Journal d’Irlande 2 : Calypso fleuriste !

Deuxième chapitre du Journal de Calpyso (seconde 2) en Irlande. Elle cuisine au collège et fait un stage professionnel chez un fleuriste. Ses bouquets sont superbes non ?

Hi guys !! I hope you had a great week as I did ! On wednesday I had my first day of work
experience in the florist shop : »West Clare Flowers » 🌸🌺🌻🌹🌷🌼. That was great ! I
learned how to do floral preparations and I did two bouquets by my own (you can the
pictures under the text) ! The shop is really nice and the owner is so gentle ! Next week with Valentine’s Day, the shop will be so busy !
On Friday I had home economics… I think it’s a real pity we don’t have this subject in France !! In this class we learn how to eat healthy and we learn to cook or to bake, that’s really interesting ! You can see the pictures of what I cooked this week under the article… As I said in the previous article, on friday, the first break is longer so, we can listen to some music, and in the cantine we can buy sweets, scones and chocolate cakes ! Here, you have to bring your own food at school for lunch time but if you want to buy pop corn, chips, chicken, you can buy them at the cantine ! That’s delicious and really cheap ! Also, on friday, we finish at 13:10 ! This Friday I went eating in the French crêperie « Oh la la « … That was nice to have a bit of the French culture in Ireland !
I’m looking forward for next week ! Every day is an adventure for me and that’s scary but really enjoyable !!
See you next week for the next text ! Take care ! Have a nice week !
Xx Calypso


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