Journal d’Irlande 1, l’adaptation

Calypso, de seconde 2, est partie pour cinq mois en Irlande. Une super expérience dont elle a proposé de nous donner régulièrement quelques nouvelles (en VO bien sûr !). Thank you very much, Calypso ! 

Hi guys !! I’m Calypso Hougron, I’m in 2nde 2 and I’m in Ireland during 5 months ( I will come back in France at the end of may) !! In this blog I will share my experience with you… 

I live in a host family with 2 children in Ennistymon. It’s a small town in the county of Clare. I’m going to the school Scoil Mhuire and I’m a student in Transition Year (TY). The school days in Ireland 🍀🇮🇪 are so different from our school days !! We start at 9:00 and we finish at 16:00 . We have 2 break during the day : one from 11:00 to 11:10 and an other one from 13:10 to 13:55. On Friday we finish earlier at 13:10 and the first break is longer (from 11:00 to 11:20). In TY, my year, we aren’t in class on Wednesday because we’re doing a work experience in the same company every Wednesday. The TY is the year for our orientation so we do those work experiences and we have a lot of class based on the orientation. We will do a lot of trip. You can see my timetable at the end of the text. As an exchange student I chose my school subjects so that’s why there is many proposition in my timetable. 

My first week here was really tough because I have to change class twice ! I went from 5th to 2nde year and now I’m in TY. I was supposed to be in 3rd year but it’s an exam year with the Junior Certificat at the end ( it’s the same as our Brevet) . I chose TY because it’s a specific year in Ireland, we don’t have it in France, it’s like our seconde and I think  I can really improve my english in this year because we talk a lot. At the beginning I was really afraid to not have friends but I think I will. Last Friday I did home economics, it’s a specific subject we don’t have in France and it’s so nice ! We cook, we do some biology to learn how to take care of our body… That’s really cool ! Last week and this week I went shopping with some of my friends in Ennis. There’s an other French student in my school,she’s from Lille. She’s here since September and she will go back in France at the end of January.That was nice. Irish people are really friendly and there’s a lot of Spanish student in my town so it’s also nice to meet them. I really hope that my english will improve and that I will have a nice stay here with many friends. 

See you next week for the next text !!  Take care ! I wish you the very best for this week !! 

Xx Calypso

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