Hope for Tshangu, le super projet des secondes euro

Les élèves de seconde Euro, sous la houlette de Mme Farelly, ont reçu la visite, le mardi 7 mai, de Nestor et Maria Ngimbi, un couple de congolais. Ils nous racontent comment cette rencontre marquante a donné lieu à un beau projet solidaire pour lequel ils sollicitent l’aide de tous ! 

Recently, our class had the honor of listening to Nestor and Maria Ngimbi, who told us about their immigration to France after a difficult life in the Congo. In their hometown, Kinshasa, there is a district called Tshangu where people don’t have the opportunity to receive an education and therefore to have a future.  After hearing Nestor and Maria’s story about their neighborhood, we understood that going to school was a luxury for those children. Here at Saint-Vincent, we can make a difference. We can give hope to this generation. In September, a school built by Nestor himself will open for 30 children in the first year of primary school. The problem is that none of those children’s families can afford the school supplies required to have an education. So here’s how YOU can be part of this project: we need 30 backpacks with supplies in 30 days.

You can donate brand new or in good condition:

Backpacks          Scissors                Pencils                 Markers               Colored pencils                Pencil bags

Rulers                   Pens                      Erasers                 Paper

You are free to add something that could be useful or pleasant for the children (a story book for example!)

We’re counting on you !

Les dons peuvent être déposés dans les boites bleues disposées dans le lycée.

Merci pour votre aide !     





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